Arlund Photo Retreat Image Review

Hey!!  I'm back from Chuck Arlund's workshop....better known as the Arlund Photo Retreat.  I'll give you an overview of everything later, but for now I want to throw up some images I shot.  There is sooooo much to share that I will have to put it all into different posts over a period of time.

But I know that some of you are dying to see, so here is a sneak peek of some images...

 Chuck hired several models from agencies, and he flew in one model from Nashville.  I typically have no need for guy models in my portfolio, but there was a male model at the workshop who just absolutely was uber professional.  He couldn't take a bad picture and he pulled off any look that anyone requested.  At one point he even had on heavy make-up and he was so pretty he could have been a female.  I didn't take any of him n make-up, and honestly I didn't take many pictures of him at all because I just really don't have a great need for guys in my portfolio.

But wow was he a hottie!!   When we were first introduced, I was concerned because he had a pickle jar full of clear liquid.  I asked to see his ID and I smelled the pickle jar because I suspected it was moonshine.

It was water.

His "water bottle".  And so, he turned out to be a pretty good guy...he even wrote thank you cards to all the people who did lots of work behind the scenes to make our meals and clean up after us.

He's got a good future in modeling ahead of him, and there is a picture of him and his pickle jar somewhere on this post if you want to see it.  Enough about him though!!  (Can you tell I was super impressed!!). 

So, we played with lots of different lighting situations and gear. Wish I had more time to go into detail now  but you'll just have to wait.  There was an infinity pool that just was amazing.  The location where we were at is a huge blog post all by itself.  Enjoy looking at these, and I will share more information about the workshop...I mean, Retreat...later when I have more time.  xoxo, Sharon

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