Bridal Boudoir Outdoors

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(On-location Hair/Make-up for this session was provided by Kayla at Michelle James Salon in Surrey Center)

When you have your bridal pictures done by Augusta Boudoir, beware because you may just end up loving your boudoir bridal pictures more than your regular bridals!!  It's just a risk you'll have to take.  

 Brides are so beautiful, and this is especially true when it comes to boudoir.  This particular bride and her groom love the outdoors, so an outdoor session was in order.  She said her groom loved the pictures, but does that really come as a surprise?  
 I love when clients come to me with a specific vision in mind...it makes my job easier in some ways and it also presents a good challenge as well.   In addition to her veil, this bride grabbed a great hat from her closet especially for a specific image she had in mind.  I think she pulled it off very well. Congratulations to this bride an her lucky groom!!   xoxo, Sharon

 Oh and by the way, when you two have kiddos, we can document the next phase of your lives through  The Birth Project.  Check it out:  www.thebirthproject.com

If you are a bride who wants to give your groom an extra special surprise gift on your wedding day, it's best to schedule your session at least 60 days in advance of the wedding date.   On your wedding day, coordinate with your wedding photographer and someone you trust to deliver the book to your groom before the ceremony begins.  Make sure your wedding photographer photographs your groom looking through the book in awe over what he is seeing.  Since you won't be there to see the look on his face, your photographer will be there to capture that moment for you....what a great bonus!!


Dare To Be Nice: It's a Challenge

I'm on a journey to become a better human being...a more lovely woman, and I invite you to join me. Sometimes when we are frustrated and when life seems to throw us for a loop, it's easy to become negative and to act ugly. I don't like acting ugly, and I want to act nice. We females can be so catty, and we are moody. Sometimes it's truly a challenge to be nice. I'm guilty of acting ugly and I don't want to leave this world with an ugly legacy.

So, every so often....possibly every week if we're super lucky....I'll be posting a new Dare To Be Nice challenge for myself and I'd love for you to take the challenge with me. I'd LOVE to hear your personal triumphs with the Dare To Be Nice challenges as well, so please share your personal Dare To Be Nice story in the comments section each time I post a challenge.

There is power in numbers, so please take this challenge with me so we can be stronger together. I am daring myself and daring you to be nice with me. It's my "Dare To Be Nice" challenge. Pretty easy, right?

Today this desire to start this Dare To Be Nice challenge grew inside me more than ever before.

I had to pick something up from a business in Columbia County and witnessed some really bad public behavior. A lady was acting like a jerk towards the store owner because of something incredibly ridiculous and so minor.

The big problem that she threw a fit about was that the wrappers weren't fancy enough on the items she was buying, and the store owner didn't have anything to upgrade her to. She was ugly to the owner and she threw a tantrum that would rival my two year old daughter's behavior when she hasn't had a nap.

There are children somewhere in the world who did not get to eat one morsel of food today and who are literally starving to death and this lady today was a jerk because of un-fancy wrappers. We are spoiled beyond belief, but we don't have the right to act like spoiled brats when things don't perfectly go our way.

I wanted to tell her to just be nice.

I wanted to just let her know we should thank God that we have the luxury of living in a nation where her biggest concern of the entire day was a stupid wrapper. Compared to other countries, we live like kings, queens and princesses. Let's have a little bit of flexibility....let's have compassion....let's be nice.

So challenge you...and I am doing this too....in the next 72 hours let's Dare To Be Nice when something minor isn't going our way. Let's be aware of our negative emotions. When we feel the urge to act on our frustrations (i.e. to act ugly), let's instead just let it go and be nice to others around us. I'd love to hear about what it is that YOU do to be nice in the next 72 hours when you really feel like being ugly instead.

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Exciting News for the Best Week of the Year in Augusta

For a consultation or to reserve your Augusta Boudoir Experience, visit the website: www.augustaboudoir.com

I just want you to know this is my favorite week of the entire year!! It's the time when thousands of adoring golf fans visit Augusta and the entire mood of the town changes to excitement. Lots of celebrities are also in town, and my week began by hanging out with one of those celebrities. I had the fortune of helping another photographer on a big shoot for a belt buckle ad at a beautiful mansion.

One of the models was on a TV show that we all know and love. You know I'm a confidentiality freak, so I'll keep details like his name and pictures of him top secret (I know, bummer). But it was definitely an exciting start to an exciting week.

Another big thing happening this week is that I am transitioning between studios. Augusta Boudoir has grown right out of the space available on the 2nd level of Mimi's Boutique. I am sad and happy about that all at the same time. Mimi's has been so good to Augusta Boudoir and I adore them and will miss having a home there. They need the space too, so it's a win-win. Mimi's opened its SECOND LOCATION TODAY!!! They are located directly across from Augusta National, right beside Elegant Bridals.

Augusta Boudoir will soon be relocating to another studio location that will be able to accommodate our boudoir needs for a little while longer.

My dream is to grow so big that we need to move into a large warehouse to transform into a wonderful boudoir studio with lots of different sets. That's my goal to reach for next year...hopefully it will become reality.

All the contracts are in place for the Augusta Boudoir Spokesmodels and we're not wasting any more time. They're getting fittings from Mimi's and I have started working on putting together the vision for our shoots.

So many of my clients come to me because they know I respect confidentiality and they want their images to be private. The two main reasons that my clients want their images to remain private are because of either their employment or because they are in the public eye and have a high profile position in the community. I don't get to post my boudoir pictures too often, but I promise I really do take pictures! haha!! That is one reason also why I needed spokesmodels....to have permission to post images!

Thank you to my many friends and clients who have supported Augusta Boudoir. It really is an honor to serve so many beautiful women in the CSRA.

Have a great week of watching the golf tournament. xoxo, Sharon