$1 per lb SALE

Okay, it's official, Augusta Boudoir is kicking off our "DOLLAR PER POUND" sale!  For each pound you've lost between January 1, 2012 through June 1, 2012, take one dollar off the $250.00 session cost.

A $75 pre-payment is due in the month of June to ensure you get a session, but the number of sessions is limted so they may not last the whole month.  If you want to  hurry up and make sure you can get in on this deal, then here is the payment link to make the $75 pre-payment.

Just enter your email address and put in the password:  sale

Dollar Per Pound Pre Payment Link

Your session has to take place before the end of August, and we will work around your schedule as much as possible.  The remainder of the session cost (minus your weight loss amount) is due at the time of the session.  Please send verification of  your weight loss prior to your session date.

A LIMITED NUMBER OF SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE UNDER THIS SALE...once that limit is reached, we will take down the payment link and will stop accepting clients.

All sessions last up to 2 hours and are customized to reflect your interests and personality.  They are  $250 and include a  planning consultation, fitting from Mimi's Boutique, hair/make-up, and retouching that includes skin softening for a signature look.  Products are separate.

What I need is verification either through start and finish weigh in sheets, or verification signed by your physician if you haven't been part of an organized weight loss program.  The $75 pre payment is non-refundable in the event of a session "no-show" (medical emergency situations may be re-scheduled), so make sure you can do it by the end of August.

 After you've paid, please answer the following questions so we can get in touch.  thanks!

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DIVA NIGHT at Fleet Feet

Okay,  I had an absolutely fun time during "DIVA NIGHT" at Fleet Feet in North Augusta, and I'm planning on being there again next time.  I was excited to learn that Fleet Feet is moving to Augusta (I believe their new home will be near Riverwatch and Fury's Ferry).  YAY!!!!!!!!

All the vendors at Diva Night were giving away a sample of their products, so I did the same in a very fun way.   I took highly professional pictures using my ipad...I have serious ipad camera skills.

Here are two of Fleet Feet's employees modeling with my ipad....Marcus did all he could to contain his excitement about having his picture taken, and I'm pretty sure Clay almost passed out.....

It was great meeting everyone and I look forward to doing it again soon!!!

Oh, and here is a great picture I took in April with my iphone of me and my husband being silly...how did we do that?....it was like a magic trick!   Enjoy!!!

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Improving Relationships Through Love Languages

Do you know your love language?  If so, I want to know....just take my little unscientific poll at the end of this blog post and let me know what your love language is.  This topic is simply fascinating to me...the idea that our relationships can be improved simply by approaching the people in our lives according to THEIR love language can be a positive change for relationships.

Knowing someone's love language is like tapping into a little secret that helps you connect better and enrich the relationship.  This is true for most relationships...even how you approach your children and friends.  It really helps especially if you are sharing your life together.  It's true...we tend to feel loved and cared for when our spouse approaches us according to our love language.  

I was recently reminded of this when a dear friend and her husband did an assessment to determine their "LOVE LANGUAGE".  What surprised me is that it was the first time my friend realized her love language is Words of Affirmation.  It was already obvious to me that was her love language because my husband and I did the Love Language assessment a few years ago in our church small group.

It really helped to discover my husband is "Acts of Service".  He feels loved when I "DO" little things for him like make him a cup of coffee.  Before the assessment I didn't realize just how much of an impact on our daily life and marriage it has.  Just the simple act of making him a cup of coffee helps him start the day feeling loved and supported.  And if I want him to feel super duper loved, then I'll make some breakfast for him.

How easy is that.

Thankfully he is not a gift person because I do not give nor receive gifts well at all.  My husband has it easy when it comes to Mother's Day, my birthday, Valentine's Day and Christmas.  I am absolutely not offended if he doesn't get me any gifts at all.  In fact, this past Mother's Day I gave him a gift... his favorite kind of cake and I took the kids off his hands for the entire day, so it was opposite day at our house.    

I attribute my "gift deficiency" to growing up poor.  We were so poor that on my sister's birthday...I believe it was her 16th birthday....my mom didn't have money to buy any birthday gifts but she wanted her to have presents to unwrap.  So my mother, bless her heart, went around the house and gathered items we already owned  to wrap up for my sister.  Imagine on your "Sweet 16" birthday unwrapping the family hairbrush or frying pan.  Gift giving is my weak point, but my husband and I try to make a point to give our kids at least one present that they already own at Christmas. 

It is a humbling reminder to appreciate the gifts and blessings that we already have.
My love language is TOUCH and QUALITY TIME.  Then again, Acts of Service must rank pretty high on my list too because my husband looks sexiest on the rare occasion when he cleans the kitchen after dinner.

Here is a link to find out what your own love language is:

and please remember to tell me what your love language is either in a blog post or with this handy dandy submission form. 

Have a great day, xoxo, Sharon

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Evans, Georgia Professional Headshots and a Whole Lot of Beautiful

For a consultation or to reserve your Augusta Boudoir Experience, visit the website: www.augustaboudoir.com

Just in case you did not know, Augusta Boudoir has a really awesome HEADSHOT package.  Yep.  

It's called the "DARE TO BE MICHELLE JAMES BEAUTIFUL" package.  It's for professional women who want an edgy non-traditional, non-studio headshot and not only does this headshot deal come with your very own rock star photographer, it also comes with hair and make-up by Michelle James Hair Productions in Surrey Center, 5 digital downloads, and a little keepsake book.

I cannot announce the ridiculous price on here because I'd have a thousand ladies lined up for headshots all at the same time.  

So just email me info@augustaboudoir.com  I will tell you the secret deal.  Oh and for some reason this is THE package to get if you're going to end up on the cover of a magazine.  Two clients have already come to me for this headshot package specifically because they were appearing on the cover of a magazine...more on that later....

And I recently had the great pleasure of photographing this lovely woman, and we had fun being silly for her headshots.  She is so beautiful and photogenic, it was easy to work with her.  I follow a specific strategy for the flow of the shoot so we can get some really nice shots.
When we do a Michelle James Beautiful package, there are up to 3 clothing changes, and the entire session is shot right there at Surrey Center.  Michelle James will give you a different "look" for your hair when you come back inside to change clothes.   

And because it's an Augusta Boudoir shoot, we'll definitely get in some shots with a slight hint of sexy, just for your special someone.  

One male client came to me for this package because he was appearing on the cover of a computer nerd publication.  He didn't look too nerdy after I got ahold of him.

Of course, if you absolutely need traditional in-studio head shots,  Augusta Boudoir has you covered also.  

I recently did some non-traditional head shots for a really nice lady who is about to be the new President of an international organization, and of course I have to keep all the details secret.  She's the VERY FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT of this organization by the way!!!

She originally was scheduled to just do a lifestyle fun shoot for the Dare to Be Michelle James Beautiful package, and she brought her dog.  But then she found out that she was going to become her organization's new president.  

Each incoming head of the organization appears on the cover of the industry's trade magazine, so when she came to me for the Michelle James Beautiful shoot, we included some non traditional headshots.   She needed the headshot for the cover of a magazine because when a new President comes in, they are introduced by appearing on the cover of the magazine.  Well guess what?

We got some great shots, but the magazine editors want a traditional in-studio headshot.  So no problem, I can accommodate that too!  The issue she is being introduced will come out in early 2013.  I'll be sure and keep you updated!!

In the meantime, give me a shout if you want an Augusta Boudoir headshot.

     xoxo, Sharon


Forever Yours Agnes - A Love Story

Nothing makes my heart warmer than older couples who are in love with each other and have been married for decades.   Whenever I come across couples like that, I want to know what their story is and what the secret is behind all those years of a happy marriage.

So when I heard about the story behind a really unique jewelry line called "Forever Yours Agnes", I was deeply moved.  It's a love story that spanned decades, but started with love letters written by Agnes to her future  husband while he was deployed in WWII.  She wrote to him daily, and he saved every letter she wrote.  They were married when he returned, and now their grown granddaughter is turning those love letters into works of wearable art.  I contacted the jewelry creator, Meghan Coomes, about featuring her in a blog post.

She takes parts of the hand written letters and creates jewelry. She says "The letter that stands out the most is the one from New Years Eve 1943; a copy of it is on my website. It was written so beautifully and truly encapsulates the love and longing my Grandma felt for him while they were apart".  Her favorite piece is this one...she calls it her "winged friend".

What I like the most is the still vivid impression of her hot pink lips that she pressed against the letters as she signed off "Forever Yours, Agnes".

What Meghan is doing to capture the words of her grandmother's letters really brings to life their love story, and it is a reminder that love is enduring even through hard times.   

Those older couples who are happily married after decades surely went through their ups and downs and they may have even been at the boiling point with each other at times!  But it is the thick and thin over the years that makes true love even stronger.  I want to be 80 years old and be deeply in love with my husband...not in spite of the ups and downs, but BECAUSE of the ups and downs that we share together. 

Even though this jewelry isn't really boudoir-ish (although those hot pink lips on the letters are pretty cool!!), many of my clients are military spouses whose husbands are deployed.  If you want to preserve your own love letters in this unique way, Meghan can help.  She can take your own letters and make custom jewelry just for you.  Wouldn't that be a special gift to pass onto your children!

To contact Meghan and see the options/pricing, visit the Forever Yours Agnes website:

photo by Meghan Coomes
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