An Augusta Boudoir Surprise From Afghanistan, With Love

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by Sharon....

So at the end of last year we got a very special inquiry all the way from Afghanistan...it was a husband deployed there and wanted to give his wife a gift certificate for a special experience as a gift for Christmas.  He wanted her to take some time just for herself to feel special and beautiful.


But he wanted to make it extra special by SURPRISING her, so we devised a plan.  He figured out a good date/time when she would be home, and he sent some very very very special wording for a card. 

A store bought card just didn't seem good enough for this special and unique surprise, so I enlisted help from Illustrated Events to hand craft a card and they also hand wrote his words.  And of course we threw in some oh so delish chocolate covered strawberries from our favorite bakery, Sweet Madness.

Okay let me just say that I was very emotional during all of this because it just was so touching.  Even though I often put my own husband up for sale on Facebook when he's in the doghouse, I still would be a basket case if he was away from our family for a year.

Imagine a complete stranger knocking on your door saying they have a gift from Afghanistan.   She was so sweet and had tears in her eyes after reading the card.  

Mission accomplished!!!!

So I really felt strongly about doing the shoot inside their own home because he is a way from home...seeing his own furniture and little glimpses of his own house just makes the pictures waaaaaay more meaningful.

She was very clever timing her session...she scheduled it in time to send her thoughtful hubby a Valentine's Day surprise.  And guess what....his book arrived  in his hands ON VALENTINE'S DAY

That was Perfect timing!!!!

And the best part of it for me was bringing this couple a little closer together.  I wish I could show you all of the images from her shoot because there are some that I absolutely love love love, but here are a couple that I do have permission to share...

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