Augusta Boudoir: Marathon Fun

These shots are from the first ever Augusta Boudoir Photography marathon. It was such a fun and high energy day! This is one of my marathon clients....she showed up at the crack of dawn and we truly had a fun time with her shoot. I know it was such a memorable and special day for her as well.

She loved the pictures, but it was something her husband said that really touched my heart....he said "Thank you for showing my wife how I've seen her for years". Thinking about his reaction brings tears to my eyes each time I think of it. That's the same type of response that soooo many husbands have!! It's not hard for husbands to see the value and beauty of boudoir.

I think that's one of the absolute BEST rewards of my job....I get to add a little more love, warmth and excitement to marriages! We can go ahead and add boudoir to the list of things that can help contribute to a healthy marriage!

I love these shots below....they make me laugh because I remember how funny this moment was, and how much fun the entire day was!

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Wlsmith said...

Sharon this is wonderful! I still find myself looking at all my pictures and remembering how much fun the day was. I truly felt beautiful and your talent to capture the best moments amazes me. You are a true talent and I can't wait until the next time! We are due for some new family photos this fall.