I would like to thank a few people who helped make our 1st ever boudoir marathon sessions such a success! And a special thanks goes out to my assistant Jen who fussed over the ladies, moved equipment around, cleaned up after us and a hundred other things that I couldn't do from behind the camera.

The staff from Michelle James provided on-location hair/make-up services for the marathon session. They are true artists, and they also provided beauty tips and tricks to the ladies as they did their hair and make-up. They are so much more than just a salon...they even have a full skin care menu of services including massages (and lunch if you get hungry!). I'll do a future blog post with a lot more details about their staff and services in a future blog post! In the meantime, call them to see how cool they are: 706.733.9424

Essential Oils:
The ladies who took advantage of the marathon special left with a little treat to help spice up their night when they went back home. Swissjust Consultant Heather Stanton shipped samples of the Jasmine essential oil, which I accidentally confirmed as beng highly effective.

One thing that everyone noticed as soon as they walked into the hotel room was the beautiful smell of the room, which added to the mood of the day. Thank you to Scentsy Director Cristie Ramirez, who provided an elegant warmer and specially selected Scentsy bar, which help fill the room with a beautiful fragrance.

Guy and Eva jewelry pieces were on hand from Consultant Lori Hughes during the marathon sessions. Thank you so much Lori for trusting us with all your beautifully crafted jewelry!

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