Augusta Boudoir Photographer: Beautiful Birthday Gift

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I thought it was so cool when this lovely grandmother contacted me about doing a boudoir session to celebrate her 64th birthday!! Celebrating beauty is what boudoir is all about, even at an older age. She is a vibrant and spunky lady all the way around...she even brought her iPad and we listened to her favorite playlist during the session, which we did at a hotel.

Brittany at Studio 285 in Evans did a fabulous job on her hair. She also came equipped with several pairs of eyelashes to choose from, so we went with these super sexy studded lashes. They are lined with little sparkling gems...kind of like jewelry for your eyes. I wanted to make sure I caught a close up of her lashes because they were so unique. They added a little sparkle to the images, and I'd love to photograph someone else with lashes like these again (hint, hint).

I hope her birthday experience encourages other grandmothers to indulge in a boudoir session to celebrate their mature beauty also!

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