Dare To Be Michelle James Beautiful: Augusta, Georgia Professional Headshots

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I'm so excited to write this blog post about some fun and exciting things that Augusta Boudoir has been able to establish to help bring you an unforgettable and beautiful experience. Did you know that when you book a full session with Augusta Boudoir, you also get the experience and professionalism of Michelle James Hair Productions?!!! Yes, the ladies at Michelle James in beautiful Surrey Center provide professional on-location hair and make-up for Augusta Boudoir sessions. They use Aveda products and have specialized training and expertise in all the areas needed to make your session awesome.

Together, we've joined forces to bring some serious sexy to Augusta, Georgia!

The staff at Michelle James is located inside Surrey Center, and we've created a Surrey Center experience that will knock your socks off. It's called the "Dare to Be Michelle James Beautiful" package, which was designed for the more conservative diva who wants to be beautiful but doesn't want to go all out with a boudoir session. It's also perfect for getting professional head shots that are fun with a hint of edgy!

When you "Dare to Be Michelle James Beautiful", you will take a seat and relax as the professional stylists at Michelle James in Surrey Center pamper you with hair and make-up. Then the glamorous fun continues with a one hour Surrey Center outdoor session. This dare includes up to 3 wardrobe changes, with 30 different edited images to choose from. You can select 20 images include in your 5x5 soft look book, which has a magazine feel to it. You also receive 5 edited image to download, with print permission up to 8x10.

Meet the staff at Michelle James. Kayla and Grace are the main on-location hair/make-up artists who transform Augusta Boudoir clients into looking like they just stepped out of a magazine.....

Sharon is one of the owners, and she is the main stylist who does all the Michelle James Beautiful clients while at Surrey Center. She has a photography & modeling background, so she is awesome at being hands on during the Michelle James Beautiful shoots!

Jill is the person at Michelle James with magic hands. She does all the facials and massage therapy. You'll walk out of there with baby soft beautiful skin. Her facials also include a skin moisturizing treatment that is great for getting rid of dry skin before boudoir sessions.

Be assured that all the staff who do your hair/make-up on location are female, but I'm introducing you to the guys at Michelle James too....they're a lot of fun!

Audie is also part-owner of Michelle James. He's a ton of fun to be around at the salon.

I hear that Scott recently got engaged, so he's off the market ladies but you can still see him at Michelle James!

And finally, Wanda is the person who does all the behind the scenes operations at Michelle James. She's probably the person you'll talk to on the phone...she's super nice so call her to make an appointment. Oh, and when Michelle James does your hair/make-up for your Augusta Boudoir session, you get a little gift from them in the mail. Sweet!

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