Making Georgia A Lot Sexier - Augusta, Georgia Lingerie Photographer

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I'm sooooo excited to share with you some my favorite images from when I went to Washington, DC & for an on-location shoot at a super swanky and super sexy hotel. More on that in a minute.....here's some great information you'll want to know....

Everything with Augusta Boudoir is starting to come together nicely and I'm finally ready to share with you everything I've been doing to make Augusta, Georgia a whole lot sexier!! I spent the entire summer training in various ways with some of the most awesome and most sought after boudoir photographers.

I'm happy to tell you that I'm officially a Christa Meola graduate and I've been doing some serious mentoring with Kim Mallory of the Beautiful Woman Project. I'll be interviewing Kim on my blog in the near future, so hang tight! But I'm writing this blog post to tell you about a super cool photographer whom hundreds of boudoir photographers across the nation adore! Her name is Robin Owen and she owns the Boudoir Photography Network, which brings boudoir photographers from across the world together. I had the rare chance to shoot alongside Robin and learn from her while in D.C. Actually meeting her in person and watching her work her magic with the camera was an extra bonus!

Robin brought along a make-up artist and this lovely model, who was serious about being sexy! She has an online wardrobe catalog for photographers to go to and select clothing options they want her to wear during the shoot. Well, she didn't actually wear a lot of clothing for our shoot, so these are a handful of the images I can show on my blog.

My clients are typically very conservative, married moms who wouldn't think of stripping down bare in front of a camera, so these images are a little more risque than I usually shoot! Enjoy them, and know that I'm doing everything I can to help all of Augusta find its sexy side!!

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