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It's the start of wedding season, and Augusta Boudoir is jumping into action.

I am so happy to share with you that I've found a new love that really gets my heart pumping!! Jennifer D. Miller is totally to blame for this spark of energy that is making me tackle a new challenge.

Yep, it's her fault that I am second shooting weddings this year!

Nope, I'm still not a wedding photographer and I am not going to become a wedding photographer anytime soon...that's just not in the cards. But I am striving to be the absolute best second shooter photographer for weddings Augusta has to offer! But not just any best second shooter...I want to be a storybook second shooter who really conveys the meaning and emotion of the day.

Hey, it's good to be the best at second sometimes!!

So here are some images from a recent wedding....I traveled to Missouri for an absolutely delightful trip with Jennifer D. Miller Photography as a second shooter for a lovely and very historical wedding. It took place at the oldest courthouse West of the Mississippi River and it was the very first wedding ever held in that little courthouse. Jenny and I really put our heart and soul into shooting this wedding. These books have sat on the courthouse shelves for 134 years.

How often do we get to come face to face with something that old which is not in a museum?

Jenny of Jennifer D. Miller Photography is a true master at telling a story, and it is an absolute honor to be entrusted with helping fulfill her vision and meeting her high expectations. She is great at capturing the big picture, but with all the frenzy and fast pace of the big day, it's impossible for a wedding photographer to single highhandedly capture the big picture along with all the little behind the scenes details that unfold as the wedding day progresses.

The details help really fill in the blanks of the big picture story. If you are planning a storybook wedding, it is a MUST to hire a storybook wedding photographer to bring the day to life in a way that will forever be archived in your own family's history.

You've put your heart and soul into planning your wedding, but memories of the day will fade with time. Photographs that your children, grand children and great grand children can hold in their hands 134 years from now will help them experience the emotion and meaning of your storybook wedding too.

That's why it is essential that wedding photographers have second (and sometimes third) shooters to help tell the story of the day. It's a day that can never be repeated, and all the emotion and essence of that one single day will never happen like that again.

So, while Jenny was with the bride photographing her getting ready for the 2:30 pm wedding, my job was to be with the groom and his crew to tell the story of his wedding day too....those little moments that the bride would never get to see otherwise. And keeping with the historic feel of the event, this groom did not rely on his smart phone to keep him on track...he simply pulled out his pocket watch.

Aaahhhhh, the wedding details are so well thought out and so meaningful....it is my job as second shooter to bring to life the meaning behind all those small thoughtful details!! And my personal style is simple and clean.

If you know me, you know I am super secret and really don't like to put information about people on the internet and I'm very cautious with the images I put on my boudoir blog as well. I mean, it IS a boudoir blog afterall!!!

So, I'm not putting images of the wedding party or guests on my blog....which means we get to fast forward the story a little bit....still capturing the historic simplicity of the day....even the rings are simple.

After the wedding, me made a pit stop to a plot of land where the bride and groom are building their home. They're standing where their future home will one day be filled with baby giggles and the pitter patter of little feet.

And then we drove down a long dirt road and up the driveway to a mansion where Mark Twain once stayed. The family moved into the mansion for the wedding weekend and everyone enjoyed an elegant dinner after the wedding to celebrate a historic new beginning for this very sweet couple.

And the storybook wedding wouldn't be totally complete without one detail from the reception that is very special....the Grolsch keg!! This keg was shipped to the wedding full of beer straight from the Netherlands. The groom moved here from the Netherlands to marry his bride, and his entire family flew to the United States for the wedding. Having a keg shipped full of his favorite beer is one of those details that HAS to be document in a photograph to believe!!

And I will leave you by sharing a little project I've started especially for wedding photographers who hire me...

I am a PPA member. If you are a wedding photographer looking for someone dedicated to helping you tell a very special wedding story, there is bonus for hiring me. You are going to be too consumed with the big picture to do this yourself, so count on me to deliver this one last WOW memory for your bride.

I am now offering wedding letter art as signature Augusta Boudoir service to wedding photographers when I second shoot. Here is a letter art sample I created pretending that Jenny Miller is the bride...I don't want to tell you the bride's real name because I'm such a privacy freak, but Jenny gave me permission to use her name since you know it anyway. haha!

Every image was shot with something meaningful directly using a combination of images from wedding, the location where her groom proposed to her, and the city. This is such a cool thing to display and each letter has a story all by itself. The "M" is from the courthouse where they were married...the "i" is from where they had the rehearsal dinner, the first "L" is from the courthouse where they were married, the second "L" is from a building, the "E" is from a door at the reception hall and the "r" is a rock formation from the "Lovers Leap" location where he proposed to her. Awwwwwww!!!!

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Great to see these wedding pictures! For my wedding at one of New York wedding venues I hired a famous wedding photographer who did a great job by taking awesome pictures. Very happy with his work and will have him for my sister’s wedding too.