Exciting News for the Best Week of the Year in Augusta

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I just want you to know this is my favorite week of the entire year!! It's the time when thousands of adoring golf fans visit Augusta and the entire mood of the town changes to excitement. Lots of celebrities are also in town, and my week began by hanging out with one of those celebrities. I had the fortune of helping another photographer on a big shoot for a belt buckle ad at a beautiful mansion.

One of the models was on a TV show that we all know and love. You know I'm a confidentiality freak, so I'll keep details like his name and pictures of him top secret (I know, bummer). But it was definitely an exciting start to an exciting week.

Another big thing happening this week is that I am transitioning between studios. Augusta Boudoir has grown right out of the space available on the 2nd level of Mimi's Boutique. I am sad and happy about that all at the same time. Mimi's has been so good to Augusta Boudoir and I adore them and will miss having a home there. They need the space too, so it's a win-win. Mimi's opened its SECOND LOCATION TODAY!!! They are located directly across from Augusta National, right beside Elegant Bridals.

Augusta Boudoir will soon be relocating to another studio location that will be able to accommodate our boudoir needs for a little while longer.

My dream is to grow so big that we need to move into a large warehouse to transform into a wonderful boudoir studio with lots of different sets. That's my goal to reach for next year...hopefully it will become reality.

All the contracts are in place for the Augusta Boudoir Spokesmodels and we're not wasting any more time. They're getting fittings from Mimi's and I have started working on putting together the vision for our shoots.

So many of my clients come to me because they know I respect confidentiality and they want their images to be private. The two main reasons that my clients want their images to remain private are because of either their employment or because they are in the public eye and have a high profile position in the community. I don't get to post my boudoir pictures too often, but I promise I really do take pictures! haha!! That is one reason also why I needed spokesmodels....to have permission to post images!

Thank you to my many friends and clients who have supported Augusta Boudoir. It really is an honor to serve so many beautiful women in the CSRA.

Have a great week of watching the golf tournament. xoxo, Sharon

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