Bridal Boudoir Outdoors

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(On-location Hair/Make-up for this session was provided by Kayla at Michelle James Salon in Surrey Center)

When you have your bridal pictures done by Augusta Boudoir, beware because you may just end up loving your boudoir bridal pictures more than your regular bridals!!  It's just a risk you'll have to take.  

 Brides are so beautiful, and this is especially true when it comes to boudoir.  This particular bride and her groom love the outdoors, so an outdoor session was in order.  She said her groom loved the pictures, but does that really come as a surprise?  
 I love when clients come to me with a specific vision in mind...it makes my job easier in some ways and it also presents a good challenge as well.   In addition to her veil, this bride grabbed a great hat from her closet especially for a specific image she had in mind.  I think she pulled it off very well. Congratulations to this bride an her lucky groom!!   xoxo, Sharon

 Oh and by the way, when you two have kiddos, we can document the next phase of your lives through  The Birth Project.  Check it out:  www.thebirthproject.com

If you are a bride who wants to give your groom an extra special surprise gift on your wedding day, it's best to schedule your session at least 60 days in advance of the wedding date.   On your wedding day, coordinate with your wedding photographer and someone you trust to deliver the book to your groom before the ceremony begins.  Make sure your wedding photographer photographs your groom looking through the book in awe over what he is seeing.  Since you won't be there to see the look on his face, your photographer will be there to capture that moment for you....what a great bonus!!


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