Forever Yours Agnes - A Love Story

Nothing makes my heart warmer than older couples who are in love with each other and have been married for decades.   Whenever I come across couples like that, I want to know what their story is and what the secret is behind all those years of a happy marriage.

So when I heard about the story behind a really unique jewelry line called "Forever Yours Agnes", I was deeply moved.  It's a love story that spanned decades, but started with love letters written by Agnes to her future  husband while he was deployed in WWII.  She wrote to him daily, and he saved every letter she wrote.  They were married when he returned, and now their grown granddaughter is turning those love letters into works of wearable art.  I contacted the jewelry creator, Meghan Coomes, about featuring her in a blog post.

She takes parts of the hand written letters and creates jewelry. She says "The letter that stands out the most is the one from New Years Eve 1943; a copy of it is on my website. It was written so beautifully and truly encapsulates the love and longing my Grandma felt for him while they were apart".  Her favorite piece is this one...she calls it her "winged friend".

What I like the most is the still vivid impression of her hot pink lips that she pressed against the letters as she signed off "Forever Yours, Agnes".

What Meghan is doing to capture the words of her grandmother's letters really brings to life their love story, and it is a reminder that love is enduring even through hard times.   

Those older couples who are happily married after decades surely went through their ups and downs and they may have even been at the boiling point with each other at times!  But it is the thick and thin over the years that makes true love even stronger.  I want to be 80 years old and be deeply in love with my husband...not in spite of the ups and downs, but BECAUSE of the ups and downs that we share together. 

Even though this jewelry isn't really boudoir-ish (although those hot pink lips on the letters are pretty cool!!), many of my clients are military spouses whose husbands are deployed.  If you want to preserve your own love letters in this unique way, Meghan can help.  She can take your own letters and make custom jewelry just for you.  Wouldn't that be a special gift to pass onto your children!

To contact Meghan and see the options/pricing, visit the Forever Yours Agnes website:

photo by Meghan Coomes
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