DIVA NIGHT at Fleet Feet

Okay,  I had an absolutely fun time during "DIVA NIGHT" at Fleet Feet in North Augusta, and I'm planning on being there again next time.  I was excited to learn that Fleet Feet is moving to Augusta (I believe their new home will be near Riverwatch and Fury's Ferry).  YAY!!!!!!!!

All the vendors at Diva Night were giving away a sample of their products, so I did the same in a very fun way.   I took highly professional pictures using my ipad...I have serious ipad camera skills.

Here are two of Fleet Feet's employees modeling with my ipad....Marcus did all he could to contain his excitement about having his picture taken, and I'm pretty sure Clay almost passed out.....

It was great meeting everyone and I look forward to doing it again soon!!!

Oh, and here is a great picture I took in April with my iphone of me and my husband being silly...how did we do that?....it was like a magic trick!   Enjoy!!!

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