Evans, Georgia Professional Headshots and a Whole Lot of Beautiful

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Just in case you did not know, Augusta Boudoir has a really awesome HEADSHOT package.  Yep.  

It's called the "DARE TO BE MICHELLE JAMES BEAUTIFUL" package.  It's for professional women who want an edgy non-traditional, non-studio headshot and not only does this headshot deal come with your very own rock star photographer, it also comes with hair and make-up by Michelle James Hair Productions in Surrey Center, 5 digital downloads, and a little keepsake book.

I cannot announce the ridiculous price on here because I'd have a thousand ladies lined up for headshots all at the same time.  

So just email me info@augustaboudoir.com  I will tell you the secret deal.  Oh and for some reason this is THE package to get if you're going to end up on the cover of a magazine.  Two clients have already come to me for this headshot package specifically because they were appearing on the cover of a magazine...more on that later....

And I recently had the great pleasure of photographing this lovely woman, and we had fun being silly for her headshots.  She is so beautiful and photogenic, it was easy to work with her.  I follow a specific strategy for the flow of the shoot so we can get some really nice shots.
When we do a Michelle James Beautiful package, there are up to 3 clothing changes, and the entire session is shot right there at Surrey Center.  Michelle James will give you a different "look" for your hair when you come back inside to change clothes.   

And because it's an Augusta Boudoir shoot, we'll definitely get in some shots with a slight hint of sexy, just for your special someone.  

One male client came to me for this package because he was appearing on the cover of a computer nerd publication.  He didn't look too nerdy after I got ahold of him.

Of course, if you absolutely need traditional in-studio head shots,  Augusta Boudoir has you covered also.  

I recently did some non-traditional head shots for a really nice lady who is about to be the new President of an international organization, and of course I have to keep all the details secret.  She's the VERY FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT of this organization by the way!!!

She originally was scheduled to just do a lifestyle fun shoot for the Dare to Be Michelle James Beautiful package, and she brought her dog.  But then she found out that she was going to become her organization's new president.  

Each incoming head of the organization appears on the cover of the industry's trade magazine, so when she came to me for the Michelle James Beautiful shoot, we included some non traditional headshots.   She needed the headshot for the cover of a magazine because when a new President comes in, they are introduced by appearing on the cover of the magazine.  Well guess what?

We got some great shots, but the magazine editors want a traditional in-studio headshot.  So no problem, I can accommodate that too!  The issue she is being introduced will come out in early 2013.  I'll be sure and keep you updated!!

In the meantime, give me a shout if you want an Augusta Boudoir headshot.

     xoxo, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

OMG, what a beautiful woman!!!!!!

So natural! so graceful!!! great job at capturing her true self.. FLAWLESS!!!
Erica H